Month: October 2011

GlobeMed at Tufts: Finding a Niche to Make a Change

Hi, and Welcome to GlobeMed at Tufts!

We are one of the 15 chapters founding this year as part of a global health movement that aims to provide healthcare to resource-poor areas across the world. GlobeMed is a student-run nonprofit organization that has grown at a tremendous rate since it began in 2007 at Northwestern University. Now, it has evolved into a national network that spans 46 college campuses with partnerships extending to a total of 47 NGOs.

GlobeMed at Tufts aims to provide students with a platform to learn, spread awareness, take advantage of their surrounding resources, and develop strong skills that will enable them to become leaders in global health and social justice. By providing training to students, we hope that they will become prepared to tackle not just the problem of poor healthcare, but the social determinants that lead to this problem. We believe that only by getting to the root of a problem will ever be able to eradicate it!

GlobeMed believes that in order to bring about the most change to a community, one must partner directly with its members in order to facilitate a sustainable source of healthcare that will always remain present. Our chapter of GlobeMed at Tufts is partnered with Nyaya Health, an all-Nepali staffed NGO working on the ground in Achham, a district in western Nepal recently devastated by 10 years of civil war. As we solidify and develop our chapter, we at Tufts aim to help Nyaya Health expand its current programs to decrease deaths from unnecessary health burdens in Achham. This includes preventative and curative treatment, ambulance rides, and using community health workers to spread awareness about decreasing rates of disease in the region. Amazingly, all services that Nyaya Health provides are free. We are committed to strengthening our partner organization and are eagerly looking forward to helping them continue their impressive development!