Caring for Children

Recently, in an effort to increase visibility and attain more data necessary to continuously improve their standards of care, the Nyaya Health members at Bayalpata Hospital began collecting data specifically focusing on the admittance and treatment of young patients. The hope is that the collection of these facts and figures will allow the organization to progress in its treatment of this especially susceptible population.

While certain challenges arose throughout the process of data entry—a difficult task to accomplish efficiently without computers—the physicians and health assistants pressed on. When keeping paper records was found to be unsuitable, the health assistants at the hospital were given the opportunity to practice using laptops, as they would for data entry in the future, which, fortunately, made the whole process much smoother and more effectual.

These efforts show a cognizance of and sensitivity to the reality of health care procedures not found in many health organizations. The consistent implementation upon evidence-based programs is laudable and will surely contribute to Nyaya Health’s continued success in its ultimate goal: furthering the cause of equity in global health care.

This specific direction for the gathering of data is only the beginning. As Nyaya Health’s director of data and evaluation, Jackie Pierson, wrote in a blog post on her organization’s website, “Future programs and services will be revised based upon the data we gather in this initial phase.”


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