We’re proud to announce our fundraising goal: 18 Solar Panels for Bayalpata Hospital!

After careful deliberation with our partner, http://www.nyayahealth.org/, GlobeMed at Tufts has decided on a fundraising goal for the 2012-2013 school year. We are excited to announce that we will be working towards funding 18 solar panels for the Bayalpata Hospital, located in far western Nepal. Each solar panel will cost $360, brining our fundraising dollar amount to $6480.00, according to GlobeMed’s Memorandum of Understanding. These solar panels are essential to phase II of Nyaya Health’s solar energy system.

Why Energy?

Nyaya needs power. In January 2011, before phase I of the solar energy system was installed, the Bayalpata Hospital was connected to the public grid, operating about 30% of working hours, and used a generator as back up. This summer, GlobeMed’s GROW interns, David and Laura, experienced first hand the serious implications lack of power can have on a hospital’s ability to provide care.  They witnessed many tragedies that could have been avoided if the hospital had simply had more energy. For example, one new-born suffered due to lack of oxygen. The oxygen tank was there. The doctor with knowledge to operate it was there. The power was out.

Why Solar?

Because the infrastructure is still developing in far-western Nepal, traditional sources to electricity are rare. For this reason, Nyaya Health chose to implement an independent and long-term solution: a solar energy system. This solar energy system will support Bayalpata’s critical need for power. Additionally, Nyaya recognizes that, as a renewable energy source, solar energy will have long-term positive impacts on public health.  Please visit Nyaya’s wiki for more information about their solar energy project.

Information compiled from: http://wiki.nyayahealth.org/w/page/51049248/Solar%20Energy%20at%20Bayalpata%20Hospital

Call to Action: Please check out our calendar and attend our campaign events around the Tufts campus!


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