A Dialog with Data

 Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.09.30 AM

From January 2012 to June 2012, 54% of the patients seen in Bayalplata Hospital came from village development communities (VDCs) within the Community Health Program’s “catchment area.” The graph below depicts the frequency of ER cases based on VDC. Note that the VDCs in red are ones that are not part of the current catchment area.

Data can tell a story. It can tell you about people’s lives, about your own life. It can tell you about a country, or a community or a business. It can tell you a great deal about how to best serve a population, and about the factors that impact a person’s health. At Globemed at Tufts, we believe that data has the power to make a difference, you just need to step back and take a look.

This post is the first part in a series called “Dialogue with Data” on what the data that Nyaya Health collects is telling us. The series is written by the Globemed at Tufts data team which has the privilege to review some of the data that Nyaya collects in order to find any patterns or trends that might exist. Each week another post will be published that will attempt to tell a story about Nyaya and their patients.

We’ve learned something from looking at this data, we hope you will too.

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