Maternal Care for a Healthier Society

Delivery Room in Achham

This year, Tufts’ GlobeMed chapter has committed to raising money to improve the quality of maternal care provided for the people of Achham by the interventions of Nyaya Health. Since pregnancy is a perfectly normal condition in a healthy woman’s life, and many women will give birth at least once in their lifetimes, it makes sense to direct the attention of a medical facility in this direction.

The value of meticulous prenatal and perinatal care is impossible to overstate; an improvement in the monitoring and treatment of expectant mothers lays the groundwork for the raising of healthy children and the development of a healthier society. As a chapter, it is our hope that the improvement in resources generated by our fundraising efforts allows the medical team at Bayalpata Hospital to provide the expectant parents of Achham with the best care possible.

Presently, Nyaya Health provides for the implementation of routine prenatal and delivery services, including tests for anemia and HIV, standard delivery with the assistance of a qualified midwife or physician. There are also provisions for dealing with relatively common peripartum complications such as pre-eclampsia, obstruction of labor, and breech deliveries.

With increased funding, Nyaya Health is looking to increase the number of services available to pregnant women, specifically in the realm of administering preventive care and treating minor complications during delivery. The medical team hopes to further limit maternal mortality and ensure that as many births as possible occur healthfully and without harm to mother or baby.

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