Dear Supporters of GlobeMed at Tufts,

As many of you have probably heard, GlobeMed at Tufts has recently announced a new partnership with PHASE Nepal.   While our partnership with Nyaya Health was very successful, Nyaya Health has entered a period of rapid growth and leadership turnover in Nepal.  Over the last three years, our chapter made an outstanding contribution of over $25,000 and sent two GROWS teams to Achham.  Unfortunately, due to their development as an organization, our GROW trips are unable to continue.  Despite our admiration and continued support for the amazing work that Nyaya Health does, GROW remains an integral component of the GlobeMed model and for this reason we chose to pursue a new partnership for the upcoming year.

We are very excited to announce the beginning of our partnership with PHASE Nepal.   PHASE was founded in 2006 by a group of dedicated individuals in Nepal and the UK with the vision to develop an organization that could take a truly integrated and cooperative approach to community development in Nepal.   Their ultimate aim is to create self-empowered and self-sustained society where all kinds of discrimination are absent.  Since its founding, PHASE has since grown to a medium sized professional NGO working in 18 communities with a staff of over 40 employees, and we hope that our chapter’s support will help them continue to grow and expand their amazing work.

PHASE Nepal has a very comprehensive development program and supports communities in the areas of maternal health, child health, family planning, health awareness raising, capacity building, community education, drinking water and sanitation, and emergency management.   We are very excited that our first GROW team and fundraising efforts will be focused on supporting their childhood education initiative.  Our GROW team will have the opportunity to work with schools directly to develop a health education program.   If you would like to learn more about our work with PHASE Nepal over the coming year please visit and

Thank You for your Continued Support,

GlobeMed at Tufts Executive Board


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