Our Teams



Our staff members are committed to attending our weekly meetings. They work in staff teams to plan fundraising and advocacy campaigns, increase our social media presence, critically discuss policy at a local, national, and international level, and coordinate international internships, projects, and communication with our partner, PHASE Nepal.

Co-Presidents: Kellie Chin and Sonja Knudson

Team: Campaigns

The Campaigns Team plans ongoing campaigns. Team members create thorough action plans including fundraising goals, important contacts, and target audiences and handle logistics for our events each semester.


Team: Communications

This team is in charge of publicity for our events. Staff members are creative, tech-savvy (creating flyers/posters, videos, or other materials to publicize our campaigns), and efficient to ensure that Tufts students attend our events and feel inspired to give to PHASE Nepal. This team also manages the chapter’s website by blogging and enhancing web-design.


Team: Finances

The Finances Team’s primary responsibility is ensuring that our chapter meets and exceeds both our annual fundraising goal and the goals outlined in our partnership action framework for PHASE Nepal.


Team: ghU

The ghU team plans weekly lessons for all of staff about various global health topics based on the national GlobeMed ghU curriculum. Team members help plan and teach lessons, and act as facilitators of group discussions. Team members also help plan advocacy events each semester, where the goal of the event is to advocate about global health issues.


Team: Policy

As students supporting the work of grassroots organizations, it is important to understand how relationships of power have created and perpetuated poverty and inequality and how we can change these structures to empower efforts of local activists. The Policy Team works at the chapter, university, and international level to contribute to beginning a dialogue on systems-level thinking  and will be writing work to be published in on-campus publications.


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