Our Efforts


During the fall semester of 2014, we had two major fundraising events: a trivia night with an attendance of over 100 people, and “FroYoga”, an afternoon that combined a yoga workout with a frozen yogurt treat and raised nearly $300. Both of these events were open to all Tufts students and doubled as a way to raise awareness about GlobeMed the work we do. As of January 2015, we had raised over $7000 to fund the Education Development Facilitator Program, an evidence based method to train school teachers to focus on the needs of a child in education.



GlobeMed at Tufts works specifically in the education component of PHASE’s model, working to establish child clubs with a focus on health education and student empowerment. Child clubs are government recommended extracurricular programs that emphasize student leadership, engagement, child rights, health education, and sports and activities. This year, PHASE is hiring a new Education Development Facilitator, who will be working directly with the development of the child clubs. Our fundraising will go towards making it possible to hire such a person.


GlobeMed at Tufts hopes to raise $10,000 this year for PHASE Nepal’s Education Development Facilitator position. This person will facilitate PHASE’s education goals of developing critical thinking skills, creativity, and health education in their partner schools. This person will be critical in training other educators and organizing child club events.



While our fundraising efforts are focusing solely on the Education Development Facilitator Program, health and health equity are important both around the world and here in the Boston area. In October, GlobeMed members joined hundreds in Boston at the Rally for the Right the Health, in which Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Single-Payer Health Care and Massachusetts were discussed and promote through a march and series of speakers in the Boston Common.

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