Snowtop: The Boston Network

snowtopThis past Saturday was a very exciting day for all the GlobeMedders around Boston. Events such as Summit bring all GlobeMed chapters across the nation together, while Hilltop brings together chapters from the same region. Fortunately, Boston is the one city that has the most number of chapters within close vicinity, so why not use this to our advantage? This was what Internal Co-President of Northeastern Maya Stawnychy thought, and as a result she coordinated the first ever “Snowtop”, a mini Hilltop for GlobeMed chapters from the Boston area. Students from BC, Tufts, Brown, MIT, Northeastern, and many other schools were present at this event. The schedule for the day started off with a mini pizza party to socialize and network with others, followed by a viewing of a TED talk video Anonymous Extraordinaries, an inspiring story of Natalie Warne and the effect Invisible Children had on her. Next we divided into E-board positions to discuss the successes and difficulties of each group. Last but most definitely not the least was the panel discussion featuring Millennium Campus Network’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Sam Vaghar, and Jon Shaffer, Community Engagement Coordinator at Partners in Health and former Executive Director of GlobeMed. Many important topics that were brought up during this hour included networking, self-evaluation, sustainability, etc. Sam Vaghar claimed that GlobeMed was one of the best, if not the best model for a sustainable effective student organization. The key point of the panel was to emphasize the fact that we are all one big connected network, and instead of competing against each other it is our duty to work together to create a strong foundation and increase the momentum for sustainable changes. Activism at its greatest is local and personal, and this is what networks are all about. Us GlobeMedders at Tufts are fortunate to have such a great network in the Boston area, and we hope that we can continue to have Snowtops in the future to keep this connection strong.