Our Board


Sonja Knudson & Nath Samaratunga

Sonja is a senior majoring in Biology.
Nath is a junior majoring in Cognitive and Brian Sciences.

Directors of Communications

Maya Ball-Burack & Emily Donohue

Maya is a senior majoring in Biology and Community Health
Emily is a freshman 

Campaign Coordinators

Jacob Abrahams &

Carina Vargas-Nunez 

Jacob is a sophomore majoring in Biology and Community Health.
Carina is a junior majoring in Africana Studies.

GlobalhealthU Coordinators

Tiara Bhatacharya

& Jacqueline Cabral 

Tiara is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry.
Jackie is a sophomore majoring in Biopsychology and Community Health. 

Directors of Community Building

Alina McIntyre

Aline is a sophomore majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. 

Policy Coordinator

Anar Kansara

Anar is a freshman

Director of Finances

Victoria Kusztos

Victoria is a sophomore

 GROW Coordinator

Victoria Kusztos

Victoria is a sophomore.

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